Teen Drug Abuse and Treatment Options

Teens usually enter high school as kids but get graduated as adults. Generally, this period of four years is transformational for them, as it is full of new experiences, hardships, self-discovery, and growth. For most of the teens, this is an experimental time as well, which lead them to try alcohol and drug.

Sadly, at present the availability of alcohol and drugs at schools is high. This is making it easier for teens to access and use alcoholic substances. Lately, this experiment of them can even lead your child to suffer from some serious consequences as well.

Common facts regarding teen drug abuse

Here are some of the common yet important facts regarding drug abuse disorder in teens that you must know:

  1. Teens more often experiment with drug usage because of academic pressure or peer pressure.
  2. About 20% of high school students have had an encounter with substance or drugs on their school’s property.
  3. Teens use alcohol more than any other illegal drug.
  4. The use of drugs and alcohol during teenage can have severe and long-lasting effects on the life of an individual. However, the best drug abuse counselor in Houston for teens is offering special help to the teens who misuse alcohol or drugs.
  5. Even more, teens who used drugs usually have a higher risk of developing drug addiction when they are adults. Therefore, seeking the right teen counseling in Houston is important before it’s too late.
  6. Drug abuse in teens can lead them to long-term behavioral and cognitive effects, as their brain is still developing in these years.


When it comes to understanding the reasons behind teen drug abuse then there can be various reasons why do teenagers get into drug abuse. Many of them are just reacting to their peer pressure, while others feel it’s a cool way to become popular in their social circle.

However, some teens may start using drugs to overcome a painful feeling. Even some teens may turn to study aid drugs because they believe these are going to help them in improving their academic performance. Even more, some teens may fall into drug abuse just out of their curiosity.


Here are some of the most common symptoms of teens drug abuse:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Loss of interest in various activities
  • Frequent munchies or hunger
  • The smell of smoke from clothes or breaths
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Secretive behavior

If you feel your teen is suffering from drug abuse, then before starting Teen counseling in Houston, you must initiate a conversation with your child about it. This is important to intervene to prevent any further drug usage.   


The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol in teenagers can lead to serious long-term effects. Remember that trying any of these products before 21 can:

  • Raise the risk of developing drug dependence and addiction significantly.
  • Lead to brain abnormalities
  • Cause impaired learning
  • Blur or weaken your memory.
  • Lead to slowed thinking
  • Cause prolong depression and leave a teen suspectable to more destructive behaviors.
  • Also, cause a negative impact on teen’s academic performance.

Overall, teens’ drug abuse can impact every area of their lives negatively.


Here are some of the best treatment options for teen drug abuse that you must know:


When a child arrives for rehab, then there is a high possibility that the offending substance is coursing through their systems still. So, here detox will come into action. This is the process where the body will finish flushing the drug out and get prepared for the actual healing.


More often, teen drug rehab is surrounded by therapies. However, a drug rehab program may compose of different types of therapies including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Family therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Recreational therapy.

However, the best therapy option will be chosen by the expert Child therapist in Katy according to the condition of the teen.


Undoubtedly, choosing the best drug abuse counselor in Houston for Teens is important to prevent teen drug abuse in the best possible way. We are working as the best providers of Drug abuse counseling for teenagers. The facilities at our center are staffed with well-trained experts.

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