Psychiatric Medication Management for Katy, TX

Amy Azih, PA-C

Meet Your Dedicated Prescriber

We are delighted to introduce Amy Azih as a distinguished member of the District Counseling team.

District Counseling proudly introduces Amy Azih to our devoted team. Amy extends her psychiatric treatment services in Katy, ensuring residents and those virtually connected throughout Texas have access to premium mental health care. Amy’s 7-year journey as a Psychiatric Physician Assistant unveiled an imperative need: a seamless and holistic approach to mental health, tailored for our diverse community.  

Harnessing a broad spectrum of specialties under an integrated mental health paradigm, Amy pledges that her patients experience top-tier care, even from their own cozy corners of Texas.

Amy’s academic prowess, featuring a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Houston and a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Touro University Nevada, isn’t just a testament to her credentials. It also stands as a promise. A promise that Amy won’t just prescribe medication. She’ll collaborate with your therapist, intertwining evidence-based psychotherapy techniques and medication interventions, to carve out a comprehensive plan for you.

The importance of seeking professional guidance, especially in the realm of psychiatric medications, cannot be overstated. Benefits include accurate diagnosis, appropriate medication dosage, potential side effects management, and routine monitoring to ensure optimal results. With Amy by your side, you aren’t just addressing symptoms; you’re embracing a wholesome journey back to your authentic self.


Please be informed that we do not prescribe any controlled substances, encompassing stimulants for ADHD treatment, sedative-hypnotics for insomnia, or benzodiazepines for anxiety treatment. Our practice strictly utilizes non-scheduled medications. We are open to discussing alternative non-controlled substances tailored to your requirements but cannot prescribe any controlled substances. Considering scheduling your initial session with Katy? It’s worth noting that this specialized service is readily available to the residents of Katy, TX.

The Benefits of Psychiatric Medication Management:

Psychiatric medication management ensures an effective, balanced approach to mental health treatment. It can lead to more accurate dosing, minimizing side effects, maximizing therapeutic benefits, and ultimately, helping individuals lead a more fulfilling life. By combining therapy with the right medication, individuals can often experience quicker and more sustainable recovery from mental health disorders. This method aids in optimizing the synergy between therapy and medication for the best possible outcomes.

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