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People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.

— Carl R. Rogers


Eliana Pressel

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Welcome Eliana Pressel to Our Cypress, Texas Team

District Counseling is delighted to introduce Eliana Pressel as a key member of our ensemble. With a decade of experience in the mental health sphere from Argentina, Eliana brings a wealth of knowledge to our clients, guiding them to conquer their challenges and fears.

Eliana adopts an integrative mental health strategy, ensuring every client, whether meeting in-person or remotely across Texas, receives optimal care. We are thrilled to announce that Eliana is currently ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. For those in and around Cypress and Houston, the opportunity awaits to embark on a transformative journey at our Cypress location.

(Hablo Español)

Life Coach in Cypress, Texas: Now Welcoming New Clients

Greetings! I am Eliana Pressel, a dedicated Life Coach proudly serving at District Counseling’s Cypress location.

Over a decade, my journey has centered around empowering clients to embrace their emotions, conquer fears, and navigate challenges. I’m deeply passionate about facilitating hope in addressing relationship quandaries and aiding clients in pivotal life decisions. My professional tapestry includes supporting those battling substance abuse, guiding their families, and assisting individuals wrestling with stress, anxiety, anger management, life shifts, self-worth, body image, grief, trauma, and more. Furthermore, I hold a special connection with kids, offering my expertise to those aged 6 and above.

Educationally, my foundation is rooted in a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of La Marina Mercante in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Further strengthening my global credentials, I achieved a U.S. Equivalency for a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Guidance and Counseling from the renowned Instituto Intercambio, also in Buenos Aires. Relocating to the U.S. only amplified my zeal for learning, leading me to attain my Life Coaching Certificate and becoming a Certified ACT Life Coach.

My diverse experiences and multilingual proficiency allow me to offer services in both English and Spanish. I’m currently opening my doors to individual, couples, and families seeking guidance. If you’re in or around Cypress and are considering a transformative journey, I warmly invite you to our Cypress location at District Counseling to explore how we can co-create a brighter path.

Life Coach en la Oficina de Cypress, Texas y estoy Aceptando Nuevos Clientes

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Eliana Pressel y soy Life Coach para las oficinas de District Counseling. En mis 10 años de experiencia me he enfocado en ayudar a mis clientes a aceptar sus emociones y superar sus miedos y dificultades. Como Life Coach, estoy agradecida de continuar ayudando a los clientes a encontrar esperanza para sus problemas en sus relaciones y soluciones para tomar mejores decisiones en la vida. Tengo experiencia trabajando con clientes que abusan de alcohol o sustancias y sus familias, clientes con estrés, ansiedad, manejo de ira, transiciones de vida, autoestima, problemas de imagen corporal, proceso de duelo/perdida de un ser querido, trauma, crianza de los hijos, y inmigración. Actualmente estoy aceptando clientes individuales, parejas y familias. Además, trabajo muy bien con niños a partir de los 6 años. Ofrezco servicios en Español e Ingles.

Soy Licenciada en Psicología de la Universidad de La Marina Mercante de Buenos Aires, Argentina. También obtuve una Certificación en Orientación y Consejería del Instituto Intercambio de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ahora que vivo en los Estados Unidos, estoy agradecida de continuar con mi conocimiento ya que obtuve mi Certificado Life Coaching/ Life Coach Certificado ACT.

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