Why Is There a Need for Black Mental Health Therapists?

Racial discrimination has been part of history, present, and it looks like it is not coming less in the future. In the United States of America, discrimination based on racism and color is woven into its fabric for many decades. The policies of the United States of America and its implementation display their attitudes towards their black people. Whiteness is used as a weapon and is considered a privilege. Black people have to face many disparities and discrepancies in health care, education, and other essential rights.

History tells us how black people have to go through senseless and brutal killings and murders of their people up to date. Racism has been the root cause of causing mental damage to black people inculcating fear and dismay in black people worldwide. Our Black counselor in Houston is here to help their community fight mental health problems and live a healthy life.

A decline in mental health and distrust in the counseling

A study conducted in the United States of America showed that the black people living in America report severe psychological issues and mental distress for about 20 percent. However, on the contrary, they do not get the service for their mental health according to how they are affected by it.


A research was conducted at the East Carolina University by Harris and Crumb, the assistant professors at the university, on the topic of how Black Americans’ mental health face negative insights related to them. Their output as an interesting one finding that there is stigma, their no trust in the mental counseling and the black Americans being mislabeled makes them more fearful of getting their mental counseling done.

There are more barriers involved as well which makes it difficult for them to get mental health counseling, for example, constraints relevant to financial matters and no access to mental health, which is socially and ethically responsible. That is why we have the best team of Black couples therapist in Houston for you.


The article of T. Perzichilli, based on the topic of racial disparities pertinent to the mental health of black people, stated that this lack of trust in mental health is not baseless. Black People have also been patients of schizophrenia, and they are misdiagnosed for decades. Another research conducted in the same field of distrust in mental health was from a professor at the University of Texas named Angie Cartwright. The professor found out how mistrust has taken a start in this community. According to Angie, everything has begun since the black people started to socialize and made invitations to people to their homes, making them more prone to racism.


Black people have to go through a lot. A lot of feelings and expressions are hidden and go unnoticed. On May 31st, 2020, the article that was posted in the Washington Post was based on the protest and voice that was done for the murder of George Floyd. Explained that racial violence has less likely mattered to them and is visible in them in low percentage. But that is not the cause. The cause is their exhaustion.


Black people are tired. Emotional exhaustion is another reason that tells us that black people require mental health counseling. They have to face racism, injustice and prejudice on an everyday basis, and this has made them so tired that they change their way of taking or treating other people and expressing themselves when they are outside their homes so that they are not further bullied.


Switching your roles and attitude is not an easy job. You have to fight your mind every day and stop yourself from expressing certain feelings and saying certain words that can exhaust you mentally and emotionally. We can also term it emotional labor. According to studies, most white people are not used to the emotional switch that is why they cannot perform the emotional labor.


It is said that many black women have to go through the black superwoman syndrome, which means that black women are solid. They do everything by themselves, and they do it well.

This is not a syndrome; however, it shows that black women are strong, but they have to go through mental exhaustion while they are alone because they cannot entirely express themselves in public and need the help of Black couples therapist in Houston. They have to run emotional and mental errands to adapt themselves to certain roles. This is another factor that makes mental health therapy important for them.


As nowadays the world has become digitalized, so has the exposure of the discrimination and racism on it has come to display, and it keeps on targeting the black people’s mental health time and again while they are sitting at home and watching the news on their smartphones.

These types of news can easily traumatize black people because they know that the moment they will step outside their home, such acts will easily be caused to them, and they will become victims of these heinous actions, which can affect them brutally, causing them serious mental distress.


The degrading comments that target the triggering points in the minds of the black people causing them distress because they know they are receiving hatred from the people they work with or they are in the neighborhood with. They get to know how the person beside them feels about them just because they saw their comment on social media. It is a war inside themselves; they start overthinking and assuming things. Anxiety takes over them. Our Black counselor in Houston can help if you are suffering from such issues.

Even after facing all of this, they still have to be very conservative in themselves and stay reserved. Mental health therapists can change this. They can listen to their feelings, let them express and speak up about their thoughts. With the help of our Black couples therapist in Houston, it will be easier for people to convey their feeling in a peaceful way.


Racism is a form of bullying, and bullying has destroyed mental health to an unimaginable level. Therapists are essentially required for black people for their healthy lifestyle and growth. Their mental health should not be a source of disregard for them. They should be provided with equal importance as any other individual. If you are looking for some guidance and help, contact our Black counselor in Houston.