Teen Suicide and How to Help

Suicide has been one of the leading causes of death among teens. Even more, suicide behavior and ideation are also common in both clinical and normal populations. However, when a child turns into a teen, then it can be more challenging and even hard for parents to know what they think or feel. Even it becomes difficult to assess when doing the normal adolescence ups and downs become something stressful for them.  

Therefore, besides considering Counseling for Teenagers, parents also need to learn about suicidal tendencies in teens and ways to prevent suicidal attempts as well.

Why teen suicide is a more important concern of the present?

At present, suicide is the third leading reason behind the deaths in teens, especially, who are aged between 15 to 24. Here we have some other alarming statistics regarding teen suicide that you must know.

According to the reports of CDC:

  • Guns are the most common weapon used in more than 50% of teen suicides.
  • The suicide rate is 4x higher in male teens as compared to female teens.
  • However, female teens are more likely to suffer from suicidal ideation.
  • Even more, teen suicide is the second leading death cause among college-going adults between 12 to 18.
  • 4 of 5 teens who attempt suicide usually have given warning signs to the people around them clearly.
  • For clear understanding:
  • As suicide is when a young individual causes their own death for a purpose.
  • However, before even trying to attempt suicide, an individual may have thoughts of ending his life or wanting to die. This situation is known to be suicidal ideation.
  • While, when someone starts doing things that can lead them to death, purposely, then this situation is known as suicidal behavior.

Common Causes Behind Teen Suicides

For various individuals, teen years are stressful, because these years are filled with some major challenges including:

  • Changes in thoughts
  • Body changes
  • Changes in feelings

However, strong feelings of confusion, stress, doubt, and fear may affect the decision-making of a teen. For some individuals’ development challenges can also be unsettling, especially when combined with other factors including problems in school, divorce in parents, bully, moving to a new place, competition pressure, and more.

For them, it seems hard or embarrassing to overcome these issues, and ultimately, they find suicide a solution for them.

How to recognize suicidal ideation and behavior?

Some common warning signs include:

  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Withdrawal from family members and friends.
  • Substance abuse
  • Obsession with death and unnecessary or excessive risk-taking
  • Emotional distress and more.

Best Ways to Help Your Teens

Here are some of the most effective ways which will let you help your children to overcome their fear and suicidal thoughts in the best possible way:

Don’t Let Their Stress Snowball

It is possible that your child is having a tough or stressful day. However, it can be something more, if the kid is having the same mood for a couple of weeks. Stressed children usually crying out to be rescued. Even more, at times they are really embarrassed or hesitant to share their truth with you. So, don’t wait too long for your child to come out to you. Rather, be first to ask how you can help them.

Listen to Your Teen

Never consider your teen’s suicide threat as a melodrama. It is because usually, suicidal behavior has some forcing thoughts behind it. So, if you are getting any signs of suicidal thoughts or behavior from your teen, then make sure to listen to their feelings. Also, help them to get out of their troubled state of mind as quickly as possible.

Consider Counseling for Teenagers

Finding the best Teen counseling in Houston is important if you are concerned or worried about your teen’s behavior. Contact us for the best Teen counseling in Houston. It is because we provide different types of therapies with experts to ensure that your loved one isn’t in danger of self-harm anymore.

So, you can easily choose us as the right child therapist in Katy to get professional help.

Spend More Time with Your Teen

Even if your teen is undergoing treatment from a Child therapist in Katy, still, you need to spend more time with him or her. Encourage your teen to spend more time with you. Don’t let him or her isolated in the house.

Even more, keep reminding your teen that the help from a Child therapist in Katy will definitely be fruitful. However, you have to be patient during this. Don’t discourage your child in this regard.

So, that’s what you need to help your teen is keeping from suicidal behavior and thoughts more effectively. At the same time, you also have to be sure that you are keeping sleeping pills, guns, or any other harmful element away from your child’s reach for ensured safety.