How to Treat Relationship Issues in African American Couples

Marital life has its ups and downs. As the years pass by in the relationships, the satisfaction also decreases. Both the genders in the relationship start to feel uncomfortable and express not the same level of positivity, and they start to disagree on different platforms. Conflicts arise, and support degrades.

 According to a study by Bryant et al. (2011), maintaining fewer skirmishes in the environment and more support and positivity correlated with the satisfaction of the relationship between African American couples compared to European American couples.

What causes and reasons for the distress among African American couples?

Below are some of the reasons that are important to discuss.

Past experiences of racism, prejudice, discrimination, trauma, and aggressive behaviors

The distress and dissatisfaction among African American couples are due to past experiences of racism, prejudice, discrimination, trauma, and lack of access to facilities and their rights. All of these factors have given birth to the hopelessness in their relationship. Researches show that black males are more prone to suffer from racism than black females, ultimately causing them to be unhappy in their relationship and family life.

If it is seen, the black Americans are extremely aggressive physically, and this level of aggression is not seen in other various ethnic classes of the globe. The aggressive behavior of the black women is a product of the racism that has caused them emotional disturbance due to their internalized emotional state. That is why they need the help and guidance of a Black psychologist in Houston.

Past Full of Violence

The past of black Americans has been full of violence, which has affected them from their adolescence, causing them depression from their childhood. All of the distress and disturbance that black people have to go through has caused them to show their traumatized behavior in their marital life as well, which ultimately results in hopelessness, as stated by Boland et al. (2011)

Express, Environment Stress, and Internal Environment Stress

Mostly the stress that is caused between the families is external, and this external strain and stress have affected many marriage lives. The external stress creates stress internally. As stress increases from both sides, the couple finds it extremely difficult to cope up and tackle the issues and the severity increases result in separation. Our Black psychologist in Houston can help deal with such situations.

Lack of Fundamental Rights and Social Components

It is known to everyone that the black American people are not provided with their basic rights. At times they have to face issues and constraints related to financial resources or other social components. These constraints are faced by the couples, increasing the stress level among them, causing marital dissatisfaction.

Living in a society where the white dominance is high, the threat to the wellbeing of the couple increases because all these factors cause internal discrepancies among the families, and therefore both the spouses started to treat each other unfairly. In such a situation, contacting a Black therapist in Houston can be helpful.

Reluctance Towards the Trauma of Racism

Another reason that the African American couple has to face dissatisfaction in their marital life is tackling the resiliency and reluctance towards the trauma they are going through, and they face unpredictable challenges in their marital relationship. When the times are good, things between them are positive, but when the negativity increases, so do the stress.

How to Treat Relationship issues in African American Couples?

As discussed above, the reasons why the dissatisfaction among African Americans is high depicts that there is going to be an increase in the separation and divorces among African American couples. There are several treatments to be done to tackle the separation issues among African American couples. The rates of divorce are increasing in African American couples exponentially. This is why effective treatments must be practiced.

Following are two of the treatments that are defined by the scholars that can be used in this situation.

1. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment

This is a type of therapy that helps in improving your psychological health. It is said to be very helpful and effective for the set of issues that are related to mental health, for example, stress, anxiety, depression, having drugs or alcohol, other eating disorders. Similarly, Cognitive-behavioral treatment is also useful and effective for marital issues.

This Cognitive-behavioral treatment has been said to bring amazing changes in the lifestyle of people because, according to research and studies, Cognitive-behavioral treatment is more effective than other psychiatric mechanisms like medications for mental health.

·       Our team of the Black therapist in Houston can provide the best treatment facilities.

·       Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help in treating the trauma that the couple had to grow through due to the racism and the financial stress that was caused to them because they lacked the financial resources.

·       It will also help them recover from the difficulties that they have to face because of the lack of social components

 Many therapists have recommended this therapy for the black African American couples to let them get back their happiness and satisfaction level in their marital life.

2. Emotionally Focused Therapy

The type-two therapy or treatment that can help the African American couple is emotionally focused. When emotionally focused therapy is combined with self-effacement, it can give you amazing results of paving ways for the African American couple to form a strong bond between them and make them fight the distress caused by the environment together.

Through Emotionally focused therapy by a Black psychologist in Houston, the couple will know which emotions they need to focus on and which ones are just to trigger negativity in them and how to tackle them by shifting their focus from those feelings. This model is evidence-based and backed by research. It has worked for a lot of black American couples to develop a solid connection again.

In conclusion

Racism against African Americans has not only caused them stress and anxiety individually but also has embedded its negative impacts in their personal life as well, mainly in their family life, by causing distress in their marital life because they are emotionally and psychologically affected and stressed out. Their emotional exhaustion has let the grudges between their marital life increases, but the psychological therapies can be of great help if these are implemented truly. If you need the best Black therapist in Houston, we are here to help you out.