Depression and Anxiety in Teens

Many children have worries and fears, which will make them feel hopeless and sad more often. During the time of development, strong fears may appear at times. For example, teens usually have fear of being failed in the exam, getting separated from their parents, and more.

Undoubtedly, finding the best teen counseling for teenagers is the right solution for you. However, there are various other ways as well to cope up with the situation.

Everything you need to know about depression and anxiety in teens

Even though worries and fears are pretty common in children. However, extreme forms of sadness and fear can lead them to teen anxiety or teen depression. It is mainly because the symptoms commonly involve feelings and thoughts.

So, besides looking for a child therapist in Katy, here we have some useful information that will help you in bringing your child back to normal life in a more effective way.

Teen Depression

The emotional and mental disorder in teens is known as teen depression. Basically, this is not much different than adult depression medically. However, symptoms can manifest in teens differently than in adults. This is because they face different developmental and social challenges, such as changing hormone levels, developing bodies, peer pressure, and more.

However, depression on high levels can lead to anxiety, stress, and in more serious condition, suicide.

According to NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health, about 3.2 million adults aged between 12 to 17 had one major depressive episode in the year 2017. The numbers represented about 13.3% of this age group in the US. 

So, looking for on-time professional help like finding the best child therapist in Katy is important for this. It is because depression isn’t something people can snap out of which easily. It is an actual medical condition that can affect the life of a person in different ways if it’s not treated properly. It can even lead to social isolation and other issues.

Teen Anxiety

If a child doesn’t outgrow the worries and fears, or if there are things that are adding to his worries and fears, then this can lead your child to anxiety. General anxiety is all about being extremely worried or stressed about bad things, or the future.

However, in serious conditions, your child may experience panic disorders as well. Having unexpected, sudden, and repeated episodes of intense fear that are accompanied by the symptoms of having trouble breathing, feeling sweaty, dizzy, or shaky, and heart-pounding is known as panic disorder.

Some of the common types of anxiety disorders are given below:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Phobia
  • Social anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • General anxiety

Overall, even teen anxiety is linked with fear and worries, but it can make your child angry, frustrated, and irritable as well. Some common anxiety symptoms may also include trouble in sleeping, disturbed eating, headaches, stomachaches, or fatigue.

Some teens may try to keep their worries and fears to themselves. This will make it hard for you to notice any symptoms. However, by keeping an eye on your teen’s routine, you can get to know about it, if something unusual is happening consistently.

In that case, make sure to get help from the counseling for teenagers in this regard.

Best Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Depression in Teens

To treat teen depression and anxiety, knowing the right ways to do so is crucial:  

 lifestyle Changes to Consider

Here are some lifestyle changes that you must consider in this regard:

  • As per researches, a regular workout can help in boosting your child’s mood. So, encourage your child to take part in his or her favorite sport.
  • Sleep is another important thing for your teen’s mood. So, ensure they are getting enough sleep regularly.
  • Provide them meals that are full of healthy nutrients and are essential for their proper growth.
  • Spend some quality and intimate time with your children regularly. This will make them feel special and cared for. Also, it will help them in avoiding negative thoughts in a more effective way.

Get Professional Help for Teenage Anxiety and Depression

So, whatever the symptoms are, if you feel that your child needs some professional help to deal with depression or anxiety then it is high time to seek out the best teen counseling in Houston. We are working with the leading teen counseling in Houston team which can help you in this.

Firstly, we will talk about depression, anxiety, and common causes behind these to give them permission to openly talk about their worries and fears with us. Then we will guide you on the most effective and appropriate services for your child according to their state.